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 Price list

1/2hr Remedial Massage $75.00

45min Remedial Massage $90.00

1hr Remedial Massage $120.00

1.5hr Remedial Massage $150.00

New Clients preferred to book 1.5hr booking on first visit - Please make contact for initial bookings.

 Massage Treatment includes, Dry Needling or Essential oils used during the massage. Any take home oils or essence inure $10- fee extra.

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Remedial Massage

1/2hr Massage        $75-

45min Massage.     $90-

1hr Massage           $120-

1.5hr Massage        $150-

New Clients preferred to book 1.5hr Massage!

$10- Discount for school children Under 16yrs old.

AP Kinesiology


1hr Kinesiology balance      $120-

1.5hr Kinesiology balance   $150-

Essential Oil or Essence sample $10-

Remedial Hot Stone Massage

Add $30.00 to any Remedial Massage treatment for an amazing Hot Stone experience.

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