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NOW AVAILABLE;  KINESIOLOGY BALANCE  - If you are suffering Stress, Anxiety, Pain or feeling unbalanced on any level in life, Kinesiology can help you now!!!!

Specialising in Neck or Lumbar pain, Sports Injury relief and Posture correction.

Utilising 13+ year of experience in Remedial & Sports Massage, Myofacsial release, Dry Needling & Reflexology to concentrate on Muscle tension release from Chronic Pain, Strain or Injury.

Whether you are in need of Chronic Pain relief, re-alignment caused by muscle tension, Sports Injury rehab, Pregnancy pain relief or Stress and Anxiety from trauma or life being out of balance, We are here to help!

 Also Offering relaxation with Hot Stone massage therapy on request through prior booking.


Check out our services, log into the powerdiary booking system or call to make an appointment today!


Hot Stone Therapy

Kinesiology Balance

Stress, Anxiety, Pain or Unbalance 

Body Work

Remedial & Sports Massage 

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